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The mural, which depicts full-size period shop fronts, was initially erected as a temporary way to brighten up Woking High Street.
The artists, Roger Hoare and Allan Potter, who painted the original mural in 1993, drew inspiration from the faces of local traders who had shops along the High Street in the 1990s to create the faces of the Edwardian shoppers in the artwork.
        ...On the North wall of the station and Set in 1908, when Titanic was being built, when Motorcycle racing started at Brooklands and when the Necropolis line was well established, the mural depicts an Edwardian shopping scene in the town at the turn of the 20th century. At over 100 feet long it is said to be one of the finest examples of street art in the country.
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The Victoria Wine Company, was in operation by at least 1867, as the the company is mentioned in The Times newspaper.
Edwardian Woking H Turner Florists feature in the Mural . This is the Woking that H. G. Wells would have known as he was writing "War of the Worlds" in 1898.
Hugh Harris - Mens Wear. A later edition to the Woking High Street but pretty
sure to have a future place in the retail history of the town.
White Knight Laundry Services began in 1904. The Business has changed with the times but the principle of looking after it's customers has endured for over 100 years.
Flanked by Taxis, the Woking Mural looking down the High Street from the Station. Not a view that an outsider may expect of this great work of street art.
Face on View of the center section of the mural - The entrance to Woking station.
Notice the 20th century Centrium building imposing on the scene.
At the Time of H.G. Well's
John Emberson started trading in 1800, his son Peter Took over in 1950 (Emberson Photography) Was situated near the canal and opposite the old Victoria Hospital - demolished to make way for the new road layout.
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Founded by Julius Drewe who in 1883, Home & Colonial Stores was once one of the United Kingdom's largest retail chains.
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Photographed and Re-assembled by Richard Knotek.
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