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Horsell Sand pits are the original site for the first Martian Landing.
In the story, huge crowds gathered here to watch a giant alien cylinder slowly unscrewing. Unfortunately the Martians were not quite as friendly as the Woking public and decided that vaporizing them with a 'Heat Ray' was the best option!
The Sand pits are approximately a mile north of Woking town centre and are part of Horsell Common - Popular with Cyclists and Dog Walkers & a great place to take the kids.
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Designed by Michael Condron, and unveiled in April 1998. The tripod celebrates Woking's connection with the War of the Worlds. The Tripod is 2nd (23') tall. The legs are 17 cm (7") in diameter.
The Martian is tucked round the corner from the
main center and difficult to
photograph without the unpleasant background scenery.
Maybury Hill in Woking is where H.G. Wells lived whilst writing the War of the Worlds. From here he
used to walk to Horsell common. The original idea for The War of the Worlds came from his brother, during one of these walks, pondering on what it might be like if alien beings were to suddenly descend on the scene and start attacking its inhabitants.
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Even a resident of Woking may not be aware of the
impressive tiled mural dedicated to the Martian invasion
that lines the walls of the Victoria Subway. Due to the demolition of Victoria Hospital and changes in the traffic crossings this subway is seldom used. Earlier this year Woking High school raised safety concerns over the usage of the crossings above the subway by students, and urged for the usage of this subway to be more enforced.
The mural was Commissioned by Woking Borough Council  for the Centenary of the story. Scenes include the Martians landing on Horsell Common and the destruction of Woking by the Tripods. The mural also features local landmarks including the Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking Orphanage and the Maybury Arch.
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Hopefully the subway will not be redeveloped any time soon, and the mural will remain on display for all to see. Although this subway leads towards Horsell and the common, it would probably have been better placed on the wall of  the Railway station underpass. Below is the full view of the subway mural photographed and re-assembled by local film producer and graphic designer - Richard Knotek .
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