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About this Edition.
This Web edition of The War of the Worlds was prepared in June of 1995 by John Walker. It is based on the Project Gutenberg electronic text (etext) edition, warw11.text which obtained from the mirror archive then maintained by L'Association des bibliophiles Universals.
Legal notice: This document is in the public domain and may be distributed and used without any restrictions or royalties whatsoever. It is not being distributed under the Project Gutenberg trademark, and Project Gutenberg bears no responsibility or liability resulting from use of this document. (This statement is included pursuant to the "small print" at the start of the original document.)
The original ASCII etext was produced by Michael Oltz at Cornell University. Having created an etext and Web edition of Jules Verne's De la Terre à la Lune myself, I'm well aware that 99.9% of the effort goes into producing the original ASCII document; from there to the Web isn't much work at all. It's only because Mr. Oltz contributed the many hours it takes to scan and proof read the original text that you can enjoy it here. Thank you!
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